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Hire Dedicated NGT Resource

Hire Dedicated Resources

NGT AgencyWhy Hire a Dedicated Resource?

We offer allocated services, maintain high quality standards so you can hire expert and qualified person that meets your expectations.

In most developed countries, custom software development can be quite expensive. Hiring offshore professionals who are equipped with the same expertise and skills as their native counterparts is a smart way to cut back on operational costs without compromising quality. For instance, when you hire a dedicated development team from India, you get a higher quality of work at much lower costs, making it a win-win!

We will provide you with the resources and team members you need to plan the project based on what is required. In the event that an ongoing project needs to be continued, our resources are well-trained and experienced to assist you with project completion.

Dedicated development teams ensure quick turnaround times and timely deliveries. Team members working on such projects work in environments that are completely optimized to support timely completion of projects. This, however, requires that you as a client specify clear timelines and insist on their adherence.  The outsourced team can deliver any project in much shorter timeframes if the client provides concrete planning beforehand. 

NGT Agency Advantages of Hiring

NGT AgencyThe Hiring Process

At Next Generation Technologies, We are following the specific process of hiring and below each step has details.

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    NGT AgencyFrequently Asked Questions

    Yes, resources will be directly communicating with you over Emails, Chats or Calls. There will be a group chat created in presence of company management for smooth working experience for you.

    Yes, you can hire a Project Manager that will communicate everything with the team.

    We are open to use your project tracker that will allow you to track the time spent by our resources. If you do not have one, we have our own that will be shared with you.

    Our standard work timings are 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. This can be modified as per Client requirements.

    Yes, we do provide a bunch of CV from which you can choose as per your need.

    Our developers are minimum 2+ years experienced and maximum 10+. We will share the resource with you based on your requirements.

    Yes, that option is available.

    We do have an option and discount benefits if you hire a resource with yearly contract.

    Yes, interviewing resources is a part of our hiring process.

    Yes, a 10-hour free trial is available.

    Yes, we have that option once we review your problem. Initially we will try to rectify the issue if still you are not satisfied, we will replace the developer. 

    We do not charge anything additional other than the fee agreed upon at the time of hiring. Additional charges are only applicable to non-standard requirements.

    Yes, we do provide flexible shift hours with different time zones.

    We will be able to accomplish that pilot project on fixed price if you have requirement ready or on hourly basis.

    The discount offers are applicable to projects that are long term (more than a year) OR on hiring at least 4 resources.