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Kovafood Branding

Kovafood Branding


Kovafood Branding

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Kovafood, as the name suggests, is a brand related to food products. This is not just grocery shopping but also a place where you can get bulk orders, catering, food recipes and much more. Kovafood is a multifaceted African food company dedicated to bringing the best quality foods and delicacies to your table.

They care about you, their customers, and for this reason they strive to ensure that they provide us with whole foods, that they also deliver a great experience and excellent service to us.

Kovafood is motivated by the outstanding achievements of their kinsmen in the diaspora. Getting your foods to your doorsteps is Kovafood’s way of saluting you for your tenacity in achieving your goals and being great ambassadors of the motherland.

They hope to bring you strength with each delivery; be it a sumptuous meal or your selection of groceries, just as their name Kova depicts STRENGTH. They hope to bring light and hope to every doorstep as they feed us.

The client wanted their brand name in the logo but with a unique touch. Since the initial idea was to get customers for grocery shopping we decided to use the Brand name Kova and added groceries on top of the letter ‘V’ to make it look like an ice cream which is one of the favorite desserts world wide.