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Dashible was founded to help both large and local retailers survive and thrive post-pandemic and build strong relationships with their customers at a price even the smallest businesses can afford. This is done while offering consumers a way to explore the city and find new local things to see and eat while saving money. The idea is to create a win-win scenario for local businesses and consumers.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Marvin, the founder of Dashible is an entrepreneur who values local businesses and wants them to thrive. Entrepreneurship provides the ability for people to provide services that address genuine problems that in many cases we have experienced ourselves all while supporting the local economy and generating employment opportunities.

Dashible is a member of the communities we serve. Part of our mission is to build and support our community whenever and wherever we can, even if those activities are not part of our core business. We will always strive to provide value to our merchants, consumers, employees and the community at large. We respect and promote diversity in all areas and we will always be ourselves. We think life is too short to spend time pretending.

Dashible came to us with an idea and we helped them turn it into a great business which is our expertise. We built a website and mobile applications (android & iOS) for them. It was a great consumer-facing & responsive website as well as application. Be it creating multiple deals for users or searching offers or adding a local/large-scale business to Dashible, we made it all achievable.

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Responsive Web, Mobile & Secure Payments

  • Laravel
  • HTML5
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Dashible Website Photo 1

& colors

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