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Having firmly established its presence in the 2000s, Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that facilitates the use of web standards such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript for display and user interfacing, and XML or JSON for data transfer.

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Ruby On Rails

Notable Highlights of the Ruby on Rails – Next Generation Technologies Association

  • Our developers expertly use the Ruby on Rails framework while devising prototypes for startups or sophisticated web apps for enterprises
  • The Next Generation Technologies team has years of deep expertise in delivering advanced, feature-packed, top quality, scalable and secure solutions
  • Our experts are firm followers of concepts such DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) and Convention over Configuration
  • The team practices SCRUM and DSDM with the highest Web 2.0 standards, and ensures that all industry-leading quality assurance checks are in place
  • The specialists at Next Generation Technologies always use tools such as Redmine and Basecamp for enhanced communication and project management
  • We ensure that the team abides by the best coding practices that include code review, code coverage, and code optimization techniques

Salient Features that Ruby on Rails offers

  • Rich front-end interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, etc
  • Large community of contributors and comprehensive documentation
  • Extremely pocket-friendly as compared to other platforms
  • Offers tools and coding structures that save on both time and money
  • Follows conventions that make it easier to switch between developers
  • Plug-and-play feature helps create own building blocks

Hire Dedicated Ruby On Rails

full time monthly
$ 1400
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Months.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 10/hr
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Weeks.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 12
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 10 hours min.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.

Ruby on Rails – Customization Services Offered by Next Generation Technologies

  • Compact and Robust Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

    We avail the benefit of rapid development that RoR offers to create a compact and sturdy MVP version of the project, with minimal risk and higher ROI.

  • Integration with Third Party Apps

    Our RoR developers are masters at integrating products with virtually any of the popular third party app services, ensuring highest security and superior quality.

  • Quality Checks and Code Reviews

    We also conduct routine code reviews and quality checks to identify and fix various cryptic vulnerabilities that occur in web application services.

  • Agile API Development

    With the help of RoR, we build highly agile APIs for all web apps that help improve overall functionality within a short span of time.

  • Continuous Support and Maintenance

    Our experts provide round-the-clock maintenance and support for all our existing RoR web applications, along with consistent post-delivery services.

  • Migration and Porting Assistance

    Our versatile RoR development team helps our clients to migrate and port existing legacy applications to newer versions of the framework.

Quick Facts

  • The Next Generation Technologies crew abides by the finest coding practices including code review, code coverage and code optimization techniques
  • We boast a commendable and enviable track record by having delivered a large number of successful projects
  • Our wide range of project solutions is known to offer seamless integration with a variety of other codes and APIs
  • We work with supremely skilled developers who have extensive technical and project management skills

What client speak

Advantages of Ruby on Rails Development

  • Economical and Budget-friendly Architecture

    Since the Ruby on Rails architecture is open-source, there are zero licensing fees associated with the program. It also contributes to an overall increase in productivity as the team has access to a large pre-built code library.

  • Convenient and Simplified Maintenance

    With RoR being a self-documenting and easy language to read, it also lends itself to logical software architecture and other best practices. As a result, if maintenance changes hands, the new team can quickly understand the existing software.

  • Superlative Code Quality

    RoR is widely known for its well-documented compilation of best practices and convention over configuration philosophy. Subsequently, it appeals to developers who prefer clean and high quality coding styles.

  • Enhanced Development Speed

    RoR provides a robust framework for web apps, and is primarily self-documenting. It is these principles, coupled with an adherence to industry leading practices, that significantly contribute to saving time during the development process.

  • Outstanding Adaptability

    RoR shares a unique resemblance with agile development as it is extremely simple to set up a working prototype. This creates a solid base upon which developers can make continuous improvements to the product before launch.

  • Rapidly Evolving Technology

    Since RoR is completely open-source and has a large base of active users, it is undergoing constant improvisations. The developer community ensures that updates are regular and re-built libraries of code (gems) are just a click away.


  • We adopt proven industry concepts such as Convention over Configuration and DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself)
  • We are available round-the-clock across all modes of communication and employ a reliable reporting system
  • Our flexible approachenables us to deliver smart and effective solutions to small business as well as large enterprises
  • We offer a wide and convenient range of collaboration models that are project-based, hourly-based, part-time and full-time

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