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Create Intelligent and Dynamic Mobile Apps using our Specialized Xamarin Application Development Solutions

Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is a cross-development platform that allows for a “write-once-run-everywhere” approach since developers use a shared C# codebase to code apps with native API, native UI and native performance.

Our Portfolio

Notable Highlights of the Xamarin Development – Next Generation Technologies Association

  • Our expert crew adeptly prioritizes tasks, estimates correct budgets, plans the workflow and delivers complex modules within stipulated time frames
  • We offer comprehensive and round-the-clock support and assign a dedicated project manager for each project to provide complete customer satisfaction
  • The Next Generation Technologies team delivers innovative apps on Xamarin and C# that produce flawless and functional native performances
  • The skilled developers at Next Generation Technologies offer a complete range of mobility solutions on Xamarin by harnessing the power of cross-platform development
  • With years of coding experience, we are well-versed with the functionalities of the different Xamarin versions
  • We develop apps at a faster rate by using Xamarin features such as automated testing to accurately identify any bugs before launch

Salient Features that Xamarin Development offers

  • Visual Studio integration
  • Native platform integration for Android and iOS
  • Google emulator manager
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Various code signing
  • Application loader
  • Custom controls
  • Android SDK manager
  • Storyboard files

Hire Dedicated Xamarin

full time monthly
$ 1400
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Months.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 10/hr
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Weeks.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 12
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 10 hours min.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.

Xamarin Development – Customization Services Offered by Next Generation Technologies

  • Seamless iOS Apps

    With Xamarin.iOS we build native apps for devices like Apple Watch & Apple TV that have similar UI controls and the advantage of a shared C# code for other platforms.

  • Bespoke Windows Apps

    Our team codes fluid, aesthetic and profitable apps for UWP and other Windows versions by employing the latest Xamarin technology and the C# codebase.

  • Cutting - edge Android Apps

    Using Xamarin.Android we create native, functional and economical apps that are just like their Java/Kotlin equivalents in terms of UI, performance and other factors.

  • Tailored Apps with Xamarin Native

    On those occasions when the client needs a custom UI, apps with tailored interactions, and access to multiple APIs, our developers choose Xamarin Native.

  • Shared UI Apps with Xamarin.Forms

    The developers at Next Generation Technologies adeptly code apps with a native UI for multiple operating systems by using Xamarin. Forms and a single, shared C# codebase.

Quick Facts

  • Our versatile team practices SCRUM and DSDM in combination with the best Web standards
  • We boast a commendable and enviable track record by having delivered a large number of successful projects
  • Our work in multiple domains with a diverse clientele based in every corner of the globe gives us an unparalleled perspective
  • We offer a wide and convenient range of collaboration models that are project-based, hourly-based, part-time and full-time

What client speak

Advantages of Xamarin Development

  • Native API Access

    Our team of developers at Next Generation Technologies possesses years of valuable knowledge and experience coding on multiple platforms. With Xamarin’s Native API Access, we are able to maximize the potential of the APIs and SDKs supplied by Google and Apple.

  • Native UI across iOS & Android Platforms

    With the help of Xamarin’s Native UI, we create apps that deliver a pristine and unmatched user experience and performance. Our comprehensive expertise with the Xamarin platform ensures apps perform ideally and retail their native traits.

  • Integration with Multiple Operating Systems & SDKs

    Xamarin facilitates the coding of apps for multiple platforms and devices under a single, unified platform. Designing a variety of apps with Xamarin on various platforms with multiple utilities is our forte here at Next Generation Technologies.

  • Consistent API Upgrades

    The Xamarin framework continues to evolve as the technology improves and becomes more versatile to deliver a true native experience. To ensure our Xamarin apps are impeccable, our team always stays updated on the latest releases.

  • Minimal Coding Knowledge

    Since Xamarin only requires C# language skills, developers save massive amounts of time that would otherwise be spent learning other languages. This greatly reduces the learning curve for the framework and boosts app development and deployment.

  • Secure & Automated Testing

    Xamarin’s Test Cloud feature includes an extra testing step so as to develop immaculate native apps. Individuals can also use Automatic Testing Assist to test apps from each corner of the screen with gestures like pinches,swipes and so on.


  • We offer dependable support and maintenance services across all our projects and ensure long-term client satisfaction
  • Our wide range of project solutions is known to offer seamless integration with a variety of other codes and APIs
  • We deliver effective and economical solutions that greatly increase our client’s business without increasing overhead costs
  • The Next Generation Technologies crew abides by the finest coding practices including code review, code coverage and code optimization techniques

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