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Swift programming is considered as the most preferred programming language when it comes developing apps for iOS platform. iOS platform is no more limited to iPhone or iPad. With so many other devices (besides iPhone and iPad) with iOS platform available in the market like Apple Watch, Apple Desktops, Apple TV the development of user-friendly apps which can work on multiple devices has become quite challenging.

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Why Next generation technologies For Swift App Development?

  • As a trusted iOS swift app development company, we align technology with business objectives to help the clients embrace the opportunities.
    Our team builds apps based on the latest iOS trends and technologies – giving you the game-changer advantage.


  • We provide extensive domain and technology expertise to design, develop, deploy and manage your Swift iOS apps from a ground up.
    With our Apple Swift application development services, you can optimize business performance and drive innovation.


  • Whatever your business need, we have domain expertise and functional knowledge to build custom Swift applications that are secure, robust and engaging to effectively meet your objectives and improve business ROI.

Why Swift Language For Mobile App Development?

  • Swift language comes with the combination of C and Objective C Language. Our Swift coders are trained properly to manage Swift app development.
  • Using Swift programming, you can add many different features to your existing iOS application. We are expert in handling app development with the Swift programming language.
  • App development is very fast using Swift Programming Language. We are skilled in managing the whole Swift App Development process by focusing on client satisfaction.
  • Swift is a modern programming language which was introduced by Apple to provide a seamless and easy coding for mobile app development
  • Swift programming language is highly interactive and offers fast app development. The coding in Swift is very clean and powerful as it gives the best opportunity for developers to code fast and with few lines.

Hire Dedicated Swift App

full time monthly
$ 1400
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Months.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 10/hr
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Weeks.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 12
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 10 hours min.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.

Swift Development – Services Offered by Next Generation Technologies

  • Customized & Scalable

    Nextgeneration technologies has an experienced and highly skilled team of Swift developers who can provide customized swift app development services based on your business needs. To build a reliable, flexible, and extremely user-friendly app, we meticulously choose the right elements of the Swift language and come up with an excellent solution which can scale with your business.

  • Transparent Approach

    Following a transparent approach towards Swift development services, it becomes easy for our clients to understand the entire flow of the project. We keep on updating our clients at each level of the project eliminating the communication gaps and misconceptions.

  • Updated Technology

    Regular training and brainstorming sessions have resulted in possession of a team which is updated with the latest technologies and emerging trends within mobile app development. We set our benchmarks in the defined field of development and committed to achieving our client-centric goals.

  • Focused on Business Goals

    We believe in giving 100% to the project we have taken up. Totally focused towards your business goals we aim to justify your business needs in all directions.

  • Result Oriented Strategy

    We execute a powerful app development strategy which can minimize cost and maximize returns, thus gaining monetary benefits for your business.

  • Stress-Free Project Management

    We follow a systematic approach towards project management, and thus completion and delivery of your swift mobile/web application is no more a stressful task for you. Just leave it to us, as we are committed to providing reliable and timely services.

  • Flexibility

    Want to hire a swift programmer on an hourly or monthly basis? We are flexible enough to work as per your convenience. Just get in touch with us, and let us know your requirement relating to Swift Programming, we assure prompt response to your inquiry.

Quick Facts

  • Scalability adherence for profitable business progression.
  • 15+ Flutter application Delivered
  • Reliable Swift app support and maintenance.
  • Up business performance with perceptive enterprise apps.

What client speak

Advantages of Swift Development

  • Easy to Read and Maintain

    The Swift program codes are near to natural English which is a blessing of syntaxes taken from programming languages such as Python, C#, and Ruby. The simple syntax of this language makes it more expressive.

  • Scalable

    It is easy to add new features to this language which makes it a scalable one. And for the future scope, you must know that Apple is relying on Swift rather than Objective-C.

  • Concise

    The language does not contain lengthy lines of code as the developers of Swift wanted to use concise syntax. In other words, a Swift programming code is capable of replacing around 70% of Objective-C mobile application development coding. This increases the development and testing rate of the program. Thus, making the Swift a cheaply maintained language.

  • Simplistic Syntax Improves Readability

    Swift is built with a clean syntax, which makes it extremely easy to read and write, saving developers precious coding time. This also enables existing programmers from Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, and C++ to implement Swift into their tool chain.

  • Automatic Memory Management

    The feature of Automatic Memory Management prevents the memory leaks.It also helps in optimizing your application’s performance. To achieve this, Swift makes use of Automatic Reference Counting.

  • Safety and Improved Performance

    The speed and performance of Swift have already been proved in earlier points.It is almost 40% better than the Objective-C when speed and performance are taken into considerations.The bugs present in your Swift codes are easy to tackle when compared with other programming languages.

  • Cross-device Support

    This language is not only limited to iOS and iOS X apps. But it is also capable of handling other Apple platforms like MacOS, tvOS, and watchOS.


  • Quality:We ensure you the world-class quality mobile apps by using new technologies in an optimal way
  • User-Centric: We understand the intent of mobile apps for your business and we build resilient, thoughtful & user-friendly mobile apps
  • 8+ Years Experienced Team: Your mobile app will be developed by 8+ years experienced engineering team who are well-versed with trending technologies
  • Effective Communication & Project Management: We believe that effective communication improves the relationship and resolves the conflicts
  • We offer a wide and convenient range of collaboration models that are project-based, hourly-based, part-time and full-time

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