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Develop Hybrid Apps that Provide Superior Performance Similar to Native Apps by using the Ionic Mobile Framework

Breaking the preference barrier that native apps have enjoyed for a long time over hybrid apps, the Ionic framework allows mobile app developers to code functional and aesthetic hybrid apps that work flawlessly across multiple platforms.

Our Portfolio

Notable Highlights of the Ionic Framework – Next Generation Technologies Association

  • Our team of verified Scrum experts streamline our processes based on Agile methodologies to ensure supreme quality apps in the least possible time
  • The  Next Generation Technologies crew of developers possesses the knowledge and experience to execute on-going as well as entire projects from commencement till maintenance
  • We guarantee utmost scalability in all our deliverables in order to empower you with the flexibility to boost processes as per your convenience
  • From UI/UX to Back end Development, our versatile team of developers, designers and project managers can deftly handle a myriad of project tasks
  • Our expert crew adeptly prioritizes tasks, estimates correct budgets, plans the workflow and delivers complex modules within stipulated time frames
  • We offer comprehensive and round-the-clock support and assign a dedicated project manager for each project to provide complete customer satisfaction

Salient Features that Ionic Framework offers

  • Support for multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS and others
  • Open source, economical and easy to maintain
  • Eliminates need for two separate native developments
  • Easily integrates with native functionality
  • Feature-rich library components
  • Massive community support
  • Consistent updates for all the basics and advancements
  • Diverse ecosystem that perfectly integrates with plugins and APIs
  • Compatible browser functionality
  • Delivers smooth scroll viewing experience on mobile

Hire Dedicated Ionic

full time monthly
$ 1400
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Months.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 10/hr
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 2 Weeks.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.
$ 12
  • 8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.
  • Total : 168 hours.
  • Minimum Period of Hiring : 10 hours min.
  • Billing : 50% advance, 50% at the mid of month.

Ionic Framework – Customization Services Offered by Next Generation Technologies

  • Business App Development

    We code versatile cross-platform mobile apps that allow businesses to run functions like e-commerce, CRM and customer portals on multiple mobile devices.

  • Seamless App Porting

    Our team adeptly uses existing code and offers various Ionic app porting solutions such as Ionic to iOS apps, Ionic to Android apps, and Android &iOS to Ionic Apps.

  • Application Compatibility Testing

    The experts at Next Generation Technologies adhere to rigorous testing protocols while conducting testing and compatibility checks on multiple mobile OS like iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Smart Device Integration

    The proficient coders at Next Generation Technologies flawlessly integrate Ionic apps with a host of smart gadgets such as smart watches, geolocation devices, and also VR and AR devices.

  • Minimal UI/UX Design

    Our developers offer impeccable UX & UI design services for Ionic apps and also provide UI/UX design consultancy for Ionic apps.

  • Regular Maintenance& Upgrades

    Besides development, we also conduct regular maintenance of your Ionic apps and carry out tasks such as bug fixing, systematic upgrades, and feature improvements.

Quick Facts

  • The Next Generation Technologies crew abides by the finest coding practices including code review, code coverage and code optimization techniques
  • We are available round-the-clock across all modes of communication and employ a reliable reporting system
  • We boast a commendable and enviable track record by having delivered a large number of successful projects
  • We offer dependable support and maintenance services across all our projects and ensure long-term client satisfaction

What client speak

Advantages of Ionic Framework Development

  • Economical and Open Source

    While developing an app is an expensive ordeal, the open source Ionic framework is free and easy to use. Additionally, it’s incredibly stable and dependable, performs quicker, and is able to simulate a native feel with consummate ease.

  • Default UI that Empowers Developers

    The Ionic framework features a set of default UI elements that make it extremely easy for developers to code the app. Forms, action sheets, filters, list views, navigation menu, and other UI paradigms are readily available at their disposal.

  • Minimal and Reusable Code

    Since the Ionic code is reusable, developers can code an app for all major operating systems without much difficulty. The default UI is clean and pleasing to the eye, and you can also personalize your app by including CSS classes.

  • Large and Cooperative Community

    Since Ionic is built on the foundation of notable technologies such as Angular and Cordova, it logically follows that the framework enjoys the support of a huge, helpful and extremely active support community.

  • Convenience of Angular Framework

    Ionic utilizes the powerful features of the AngularJS framework to create a sturdy and sustainable application structure. It uses the syntax extending of HTML to incorporate components of app and data binding.

  • Single Code for Multiple Platforms

    The Ionic framework grants developers the flexibility of coding apps with advanced added functionalities for one platform and using the same code to build apps for other platforms. This significantly reduces time required and saves capital.

  • Simplified Code with Cordova Plugins

    By using Cordova plugins, the Ionic framework gains access to multiple OS features such as battery, camera, log access, pro-location and many more. This greatly improves overall app performance with just a few lines of simple code.

  • Highly Customizable User Interface

    The CSS and JavaScript support offered by Ionic grants added customization options for color schemes, menus, buttons, and so on.It also supports the motion, depth, and vibrant colors of material design and features right to left language support.

  • Enhanced Testing Flexibility

    Ionic apps can be tested on a desktop or mobile browser and even via simulator for iOS and Android apps using Cordova commands.You can also do a remote debugging and test apps directly as native or hybrid on the actual platform.


  • We ensure that all our solutions are easily scalable and are customized to suit our client’s variegated needs
  • Our flexible approachenables us to deliver smart and effective solutions to small business as well as large enterprises
  • We adopt proven industry concepts such as Convention over Configuration and DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself)
  • We work with supremely skilled developers who have extensive technical and project management skills

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